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Business Networks Use Apple and BlackBerry Over Android

The most popular mobile Operating Systems across many corporate and business networks appears to be Apple iOS and RIM BlackBerry. This information comes from over 700 IT Professionals for several different networks in a survey by Check Point Software. As you can see above, Apple's iOS is at the top of mobile network impressions at 30%, closely followed by RIM's BlackBerry OS. Many in the past have attributed using BlackBerry and iOS devices over Android and other mobile operating systems to security issues and concerns. Even though that ma or may not be true, the fact remains that more IT Pros are using iOS and BlackBerry within their corporate networks.

When questioned on the security concerns however, many IT Pros stated that the issues usually arise from the staff or user, rather than the operating system itself. Knowledge on how to avoid security breaches and using apps correctly is something that still needs to be given much attention. It was reported that over 65% of mobile usage on the corporate networks was from personal mobile devices mixed with devices managed and deployed by the company. All that said, the report does not state which mobile OS is the most secure, rather what is currently being used in the polled respondents.