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Dell™ DR4000 storage solution

The DR4000 is a fast, disk-based backup, data-protection and recovery appliance that helps reduce workflow processes. By eliminating redundant data through target-based deduplication, the DR4000 helps ease the pain of data growth, reduce bandwidth requirements for data transfer by up to 15 times and reduce disk capacity requirements by up to 93%. This solution is available in three different post-RAID capacities, 2.7TB, 5.4TB and 9.0TB, which enable up to ~130TB of logical capacity when applying a 15:1 dedupe ratio. Deduplicated replication is also included with each DR4000 which enables better disaster tolerance without the operational costs associated with transporting data offsite on physical tape. The DR4000 has an all-inclusive licensing model with no hidden costs which means future features and additional benefits are available to the customer at no additional cost.

Dell™ DR4000  storage solution

The DR4000 is best suited to SMB, Small Enterprise Primary Storage solution customers and medium-sized organisations who need a backup and disaster recovery solution.

Advanced data protection and disaster recovery: DR4000 has built-in data-protection safeguards to verify the integrity of backups

Simple installation and management: the software-agnostic DR4000 data reduction and backup appliance supports industry-leading backup software applications and is a turnkey solution designed to drop in to any backup workflow envirnoment

A future-proofed datacentre:a cornerstone of the Dell Fluid Data™ architecture, the DR4000’s deduplication and compression technology delivers a data-reduction and protection solution with the future built in