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The best effort to prevent DDoS attacks

An Anti-DoS solution must be comprised of both Anti-DDoS technology and Anti-DDoS emergency response services in order to be effective, and reach a 100%

DDoS prevention:

I. Anti-DDoS technology

Mitigation performance – high rate DDoS must be mitigated by specialized hardware to withstand the attack load while allowing legitimate traffic to pass through – e.g. Anti-DDoS solutions using ASIC-based DDoS Mitigation Engines

Reducing reaction time – Network Behavioral Analysis (NBA) technology should be utilized to automatically and accurately distinguish attack traffic from legitimate traffic – at all layers including layer-7 (e.g. HTTP)

Blocking multiple attack vectors – using NBA, IPS and DoS technologies within a single Anti-DDoS solution ensures no attack is overlooked during a multi-vector attack campaign

II. Anti-DDoS services

Emergency response – using advanced Anti-DDoS technology must be complemented by proven, experienced and knowledgeable security engineers who are well versed in DDoS attack mitigation and the operation of the chosen Anti-DDoS solution. A centralized 24×7 service of this sort (e.g. provided by an Anti-DDoS vendor) can guarantee the necessary human factor to mitigate DDoS attacks as efficiently as possible