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Twitter Releases Parody Recruitment Video

You probably remember back in the day when you'd get hired at a new restaurant, or sales gig, and they made you watch one of those ridiculously cheap and strange videos teling you about the company you just started working for. Things about your role, your team and the terrible acting are at the forefront in those vids. Well, to pay tribute to those socially awkward and under budgeted displays of video directing, Twitter launched one of their own.

The video you're about to watch (yes, you should absolutely watch this unless you do not have a pulse) is full of bad fonts, terrible acting, awkward staff interactions and of course, job listings. The listings come by you so fast that it's really difficult to see what Twitter is actually hiring for (they are actually hiring), but it is a long list. They do tell you the company perks and show you some of the environment as well, just in a really bad set of scenes. If you wish to apply after watching this video, you can by following @jointheflock or hitting

At least you can say with confidence that Twitter not only has great benefits for their staff, but they also have a sense of humor. Or should I say, at least the cartoon/graphically enhanced version of Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has one.