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Web services

Our company provides a full range of web services:

Redesign or New Design services

First impressions are so important – you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Website Design

A website acts as a shop or an office for your online business

Ecommerce website

The Marat Company has bundle of experience in developing highly appealing and client attractive websites for number of ecommerce industries.

Website Maintenance Services

Web maintenance is important to promote your website as every visitor of your website want updated stuff on your website

Hosting services

We offer hosting services only for our clients and official companies.

Domain names registration

A domain name is the foundation of any website in INTERNET. It's more than just your address, it's also your online brand. That's why choosing the right domain name is so important.

Internet there is a little more than 40 years, but during this time of a small network, the existence of which most people had no idea of the network created for military and scientific purposes, the Internet has become one of the main communication channels, along with a phone and a source of information, along with radio, TV and print media, and in many ways already surpassed other media. It is hard to imagine a person who does not know what the Internet is and it's hard to find a computer that is not connected to the web. Around the world there are about two billion Internet users, and two years ago, the Internet was used by a mere 1 billion people.

It is easy to assume that such an audience - not only global source of information and entertainment, but also the scope for e-commerce platform to enhance and expand business positions.

In the fight for market provision of internet services cost of Internet access and content of the site down so far that it is now necessary to be a large company to afford to have a representative on the web. Now, almost everyone can afford to have your own online area, whether it is a personal page of a social network or online business card private entrepreneur, the largest online store or an international site of world corporations.