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HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is a standard continuously evolving markup language for structuring and presenting content on the web. This is a text-based language, which means that it is made up of text and tags.

HTML5 is the latest major HTML version recommended for use by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). It is one of the most sought-after technologies in today’s web design and development industry, which encourages online merchants to hire a skillful HTML developer.

HTML5 is designed to create online content without any additional software, like browser plugins. HTML5 also supports a wide range of elements, including headings, paragraphs, tables, forms, lists, images, audio, video, animation and geolocation. It can also be used for developing complicated applications running in your browser. And by using additionally such a scripting language as JavaScript you can make your website interactive.

As compared to other markup languages, HTML5 provides the following undoubtful advantages: cleaner code, simple syntax, semantic tags, multimedia support, enhanced security features, mobile friendliness, cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility.

Enriched with incredible features like enhanced multimedia effects, user-friendliness, seamless browsing and cross-browser compatibility, HTML5 is perfect for website development. Our developers embed rich multimedia features into your website to engage your online visitors and convert them into potential customers.

Facts About HTML5

  • HTML5 is used by 96.7% of all the websites that use HTML
  • Over 2 billion mobile devices use HTML5 browsers
  • HTML5 supports audio, video, animation and geolocation
  • It is cross-platform and cross-browser compatible
  • HTML5 offers much more scalability and cleaner code

Our HTML5 Developers Are Experienced In:

  • PSD to HTML5 Conversion
  • Mobile-Friendly HTML5 Web Design
  • HTML5 Application Development
  • HTML5 Cross-Browser Compatible Website Development
  • HTML5 Website Template Design
  • Custom HTML5 Website Development
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