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In today’s world, a lot of websites on the internet are actually web applications. So, let’s focus on: what a web app actually is, what the key web app development stages are, how it resembles and differs from a website, and why it is beneficial to create a web application.

A web application is a software program that can be accessed by users via any web browser. The web app design is interactive and is normally based on user experience. Web applications may offer individual solutions for specific needs; these applications utilize web and browser technologies to accomplish one or more tasks on a network (internet or intranet).

A web app development process normally covers the following stages: requirements analysis, strategy planning, web app design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Both websites and web apps run on web servers and can be accessed via an internet browser. However, there is a difference between these two notions – a web app is dynamic, while a website is static. In addition, web apps are usually more complex and require more server resources than websites.

The benefits of creating a web app as compared to a website are obvious: web apps don’t require installation, are accessible from different devices (from smartphones to laptops) and multiple browsers.

The Marat Company employs agile development techniques and the latest web technologies to build powerful, scalable and customized web apps. Professing this approach enables us to stay open and transparent with our valued clients. So, if you are out in the market for a web application development team, give us a call to learn how we can help you build your dream app.

Our Web Applications Are:

  • Responsive & Fast: Being fast and responsive, our web apps ensure the best user experience and result in higher engagement
  • Scalable: Built to handle scale and high traffic throughput, our web apps process massive amounts of data with zero downtime
  • Secure: Using the latest encryption technologies and best coding practices, we provide the security of your application against looming threats

Our Web Application Development Services:

  • Social Network Solutions
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Solutions
  • Content Management Solutions
  • CRM Tools
  • ERP Software
  • HRM Tools
  • e-Commerce Web Platforms
  • Portals & Websites
  • Backend Development
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