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The healthcare industry is a large and complex economic sector that covers businesses and organizations, which provide medical services. This sector comprises a wide range of institutions, such as clinics, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, medical equipment manufacturers and medical insurance agencies.

Contemporary digitalization trends contribute to promotion of medical products and services through online tools, and discover certain benefits for the healthcare sector. The cutting-edge technologies enable to provide patients with remote examination services and virtual consultations. In addition, electronic health records can improve data accuracy, efficiency and accessibility. Using big data and artificial intelligence allows doctors to gain insights into health trends and improve patient care. And the above list of benefits is far from being exhaustive.

Taking into account our long-term industry-specific expertise, we are pleased to propose the following tailor-made solutions to our customers based on their individual needs and requests.


Software Development, Customization, Deployment and Integration Services

Depending on specific business requirements, the MARAT Company’s development team is capable to provide the following services for medical institutions:

Designing and development of websites from scratch and CMS-based websites

Depending on the client’s requirements for the website complexity and functionality, we can propose the following solutions:

  1. To code a website from scratch. This option allows creating a fully customizable unique website considering all the client’s needs and preferences. However, such websites are rather costly and their development is time-consuming. In addition, they are difficult to maintain and update, as any changes require manual coding.
  2. To create a CMS-based website. In this case we can select the most appropriate content management system and supplement it with required modules. This option is much more cost-effective, flexible and easier to maintain. You can select one of such open-source CMS platforms as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla! to build a perfect responsive website for a healthcare organization.

Development of proprietary software solutions, including mobile and desktop applications

To facilitate user’s access to the software and to provide better user’s experience, we can develop a tailored solution that would allow your clients and patients to make use of your services wherever and whenever they need. Our application development services include:

  1. Mobile app development. With regard to contemporary trends, a mobile app has become an indispensable assistant to any smartphone owner. In addition, this solution is extremely convenient, since a user can access his smartphone anytime and anywhere. In addition, healthcare mobile applications can be used by doctors inside hospitals and clinics to access, update and exchange patients’ health records faster and minimize medical errors.
  2. Desktop app development. This option would be a great supplement to a website and a mobile app.

Development, deployment and integration of CRM/ERP software with other tools within your ecosystem

Owing to our long-term expertise in customer relationship management / enterprise resource planning software development, we can design, configure and deploy a CRM/ERP system tailored for medical institutions based on specific requirements. This tool is used to store comprehensive client data and to track interactions with your business. A properly and skillfully customized CRM/ERP system enables healthcare organizations:

  • To provide personalized patient care
  • To build good relationships with existing and potential patients
  • To coordinate healthcare management process with vendors and third parties, like pharmacies and insurance agencies
  • To optimize expenses by lowering administrative costs and improve overall productivity
  • To gain real-time analytics and insight into current state of affairs
  • To track interactions with patients and partners
  • To ensure uninterrupted system operation throughout the customer service lifecycle
  • To increase patient satisfaction with personalized marketing
  • To reduce cancellations and no-shows owing to automated pre- and post-treatment communications
  • To improve chronic disease management
  • To offer transparent online booking by providing time slots available
  • To add and edit patient details in the electronic health records
  • To send automated confirmation emails, text messages, notifications and reminders
  • To generate prescriptions and consultation notes
  • To discover how your patients find your practice
  • To keep your patients’ sensitive data protected
  • To seamlessly integrate the CRM/ERP system with other software, including but not limited to time-tracking tools, cloud storages, developers’ tools, calendar, messengers

Deployment and integration of VoIP technology

VoIP (Voice over IP) is a technology that allows making and receiving calls via internet instead of a regular telephone line. This technology helps businesses reduce their calling expenses and ensures easier access, complete portability, higher audio quality and scalability. In addition, VoIP call recording feature is capable to keep team managers and business owners informed of the latest client communication details.

VoIP integration with a CRM/ERP system enables businesses to analyze phone call recordings and manage interactions with customers more effectively by providing a single platform for all communication channels.


Marketing Services

Apart from software development and deployment services, the MARAT Company’s marketing department provides the following promotional solutions for medical organizations:

Product marketing strategy development

A product marketing strategy is a market entry plan that outlines how a business will promote and sell a particular product or service. A comprehensive step-by-step plan implies identification of target markets and audiences, creation of unique selling points, development of pricing policies and promotion strategies. The ultimate goal of a product marketing strategy is to maximize sales and profitability by creating demand for the product and differentiating it from competitors.

Our marketing team possesses sufficient expertise and competences to elaborate a tailored marketing solution based on industry-specific business needs. In our practice we employ both offline and online tools to bring a brand-from-scratch strategy to life. In addition, we closely monitor the market conditions in order to take timely decisions, introduce respective changes and update the initial strategy whenever required.

Promotion via Google My Business service

Google My Business is an effective tool for promoting your brick-and-mortar healthcare institution online. This service enables you to post information about your physical clinic in Google search engine and Google Maps navigator. By doing so, your potential clients will be able to discover your business details (such as location, phone number, opening hours, website and social media links) after entering a respective search query. Besides, a smartphone or tablet user can easily build a route to the destination and make a call directly from a web browser.

Search engine optimization and search engine marketing

People use search engines like Google to find whatever they are looking for and enter billions of queries every day. Therefore, the website content quality is crucial when you want to promote your services in search engines and leave your competitors far behind.

Our marketers provide services that would enable your business to show up on the first search engine results page (SERP), when users are interested in a product or service that you provide. The smart combination of the unique content, targeting and pay-per-click advertising contributes to listing of your website on the very top of the SERP and gives an undeniable advantage over your competitors.

Social media marketing

The ever-growing popularity of social media dictates the need to look for potential customers and promote your products among dedicated and professional communities. Using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other tools in addition to your main website may double the marketing effect, bring in the new audience and get direct feedbacks from users in real time.

Our SMM specialists would gladly help you organize your social media presence, prepare a long-term content-plan and bring your business and the target audience together.

Email marketing

Since every business and most customers use emails in their daily life, email marketing is the right choice, especially when you have your own client database. This tool is indispensable for medical care businesses and other client-oriented companies, who value their own resources and their customers’ time.

The MARAT Company has developed its own powerful email marketing tool, which allows performing mass mailing and analyze the mailing results. By using this tool, you will be able to track the following data:

  • Number of opens, clicks, unsubscribes, complaints and bounces
  • Performance within the last 24 hours
  • Recipients’ geolocation details
  • Opens info based on operating systems, devices and web browsers
  • Top / latest clicked links
  • Recipients’ emails info



The MARAT Company is a prominent provider of full cycle software development and marketing services to healthcare organizations. Our extensive experience and professional team allow for creation and implementation of customized turnkey solutions based on clients’ individual requests. Understanding the specific market nuances, we thrive to ensure uninterrupted software functioning and select the most appropriate marketing paths to bring the required products and services to their potential consumers.

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