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Node.js is a software platform built on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, which is extremely fast. It is prepared for writing server applications. Node.js is event-oriented – it allows for much better handling of the asynchronicity, which is getting more and more present in modern applications. Due to its modular, bundles-oriented structure, Node.js has an almost best mechanism for rapid assembling of the application from ready-made elements. Also it’s highly scalable.

As in other high level-languages, Node.js also includes frameworks that greatly speed up the process of writing applications - the most popular ones are: Express Sails.js or Meteor.

If you are looking for technology to your real-time website with chat options, or if your app does a lot of reading and writing, Node.js will serve as the finest choice. Our Node.js developers brilliantly use the advantages of this JavaScript technology to develop web applications.

Node.js application development allows creation of solutions that are fully capable of handling multiple client apps and allow forgetting about RAM boundaries. Our skilled Node.js developers offer rapid, cost-effective solutions of jaw-dropping quality and the technology allows us to deliver even more.

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